ASK unlocks £45 million of investors’ liquidity on its secondary market

ASK has unlocked more than £45 million of liquidity for private clients who have invested in its real estate debt products. The secondary market on ASK’s bespoke digital private wealth platform, which enables high-net-worth individuals to trade in and out of their investments, has now facilitated 174 transactions between investors in a variety of UK real estate loans.

Commenting on the milestone, Mark Templeman, CIO (Product Architect) at ASK, said:

“Reaching over £45 million in exchanges is evident of the growing number of individuals looking for the greater choice, flexibility and liquidity which our private wealth platform can provide. Innovation and integration are vital for industry disruption and challenging established entities. ASK's investment in technology aims to reshape the market, replacing traditional fund managers and operators, and fostering evolution in property finance and private investment sectors. We are committed to developing our own digital platform to meet the rising demand from high-net-worth investors for a best-in-class service and the ability to fully manage their own portfolio in one place online.”
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