Supporting Development

Equal Opportunities

Social Cohesion

‘‘ We are proud to partner with ASK and work together to realise our shared vision of excellence for all. With the generosity and support of organisations such as ASK, we are able to provide the opportunity for young people to access sport in Central London irrespective of their ability to pay ’’

Charlie Hyman CEO Bloomsbury Football

Bloomsbury Football Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded on a vision which endeavours to unite children from all socioeconomic backgrounds through the power of football. The club is open to all, irrespective of background or ability, offering sustainable programmes that support active lifestyles and promote positive impacts for youths across London.

ASK has sponsored Bloomsbury Football Foundation since 2018 and the club continues to make great inroads into tackling critical issues facing youths in the capital. We are proud to be supporting an organisation that offers equal opportunities, development and social cohesion to ensure that all children have equal opportunities to the power and benefits of football and the chance they deserve to reach their full potential.

At ASK we have built a much-valued team of professionals that strongly support active, healthy lifestyles and aim to emulate the values of Bloomsbury Football in supporting inclusion, diversity, equality and ambition.