Investing in property debt: ASK debunks the myths

Despite the fact that alternative investments have continued to become more mainstream, investing in property debt is certainly still thought of as a niche area. This puts ASK at the forefront of change as we see debt investment becoming more popular and as our investor base continues to grow, now reaching over 200 investors.

By Daniel Austin, CEO and Co-founder, ASK

Debt investment’s rise in popularity is generally as a result of lower yields on cash driving investors to look for higher returns and avoid the volatility of stocks and shares. Yet many still consider it to be an option for institutions and pension funds rather than individuals, and are still wary given their lack of familiarity and concerns around accessibility, borrower due-diligence and the risk of defaults. At ASK we work hard to allay those fears, achieving above-average risk-adjusted returns for a growing number of individuals.

In reality, all alternative investments should be approached with caution. The most suitable candidates are probably high net worth individuals who are experienced investors and the best opportunities are likely to be with specialist lenders who have a strong track record and knowledge of their market. ASK for example has not had a single borrower default. Our due diligence processes are rigorous to ensure the risk of default is as low as possible and this is reflected in the deal papers that we produce for investors, which highlight the in-depth analysis carried out and summaries of what if scenarios. No investor should enter an investment without a full understanding of the transaction and we try to make that as easy as possible. Management also invest a minimum of 5% in every ASK deal.

Our investor portal gives investors online access to new opportunities and an up to date view of their portfolio in real time. The model is very much self-select and self-managed which is what gives it the edge over the traditional fund model, so the key for us is to do all the leg work and present it to investors in the best possible way to help their decision making.

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